Patch v1.0.31 is here!

Hey folks, it's the newest bug fix patch! Nothing that'll rock your world, but we fixed all the bugs we know about!

* the Computron message is changed in one of the special game modes to make more sense

* Air Bombs in RWIC no longer can count in stats when they hit you (it only happened rarely)

* existing air bomb deaths have been removed from the stats page

* RWY-Easy and Remix had swapped values for the Pacifist award. Now much more possible to achieve on remix!

* RWJ-Classic: You can no longer melt in lava by just bumping your head underneath a certain spot in the middle of the map

* RWIC no longer says getting hit costs 5 seconds in the pause menu, because it always only cost 3 seconds

* RWJ Rocket Punch can no longer break grates that are above you, only in front of you as intended

* RWIC Cyberkrobbs and Evilbots can no longer respawn (via Respawn mutator) in mysterious floating spots

* RWJ background no longer can make sudden jumps when scrolling

* Fonts now display correctly even on huge resolutions

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