Patch v1.0.4 is here!

Balance tweaks and bug fixes for all to enjoy:

  • Total game percent now calculates correctly (99.28% was the max possible, it is now 100%)
  • Remix high scores now actually show your correct remix scores
  • For each coin an enemy drops, there is now a 50% chance for another coin to drop (so 50% more coins total)
  • Easy maps now give 60% coins on the award screen (up from 50%)
  • Remix maps now give 300% coins on the award screen (up from 200% because they’re a monstrous leap up in effort and time from normal maps!)
  • Robot Warps Quickly balance overhaul
    • You now start with no Speed upgrades instead of 1, but your base speed is as high as having 2 upgrades
    • Boss now has significantly more health and gains more per wave
    • Stars now move faster, you know, QUICKLY
    • Missiles fly faster
    • Blue guy bullets are slower, but gain more speed per wave. They are also fired less often (but more often per wave!)
    • Seeker enemies now get slightly faster every wave
    • Weapons now can be upgraded 5 times instead of 3, for maximum annihilation.
    • Laser visual glitch fixed
  • RWY - Remix map modified so you (hopefully) cannot get stuck in the bottom middle after the very long spike pit, by getting there without an intended powerup
  • RWY - Remix map modified to prevent another potential softlock at the very top, in the room full of a million doors and switches
  • Added support for 1360x768 resolution (previously only 1366x768 was allowed - weirdly, both resolutions are real ones!)
  • A certain sekrit tunnel now properly colors red in Infrared mode
  • RWJ - now shows the traditional start instructions instead of nothing


Windows Installer v1.0.4 57 MB
84 days ago
Linux Zip File v1.0.4 62 MB
84 days ago

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