Patch v1.0.2 is here!

No big fun features, but we fixed some bugs! Enjoy this Robot update:

* Win bonus can no longer be negative! Yay moneys!
* The one weird stomper in RWY-Remix should no longer act weird
* Crates can no longer spawn on top of other crates
* In Respawn mutator, enemies can no longer respawn inside Tronk's secret base in RWJ-Easy
* Accelerator mutator now correctly states that it lasts 5 seconds
* Added a credit for the SoLoud audio engine which we use
* The deep pit on the far left of RWI-Remix can no longer trap you if you don't have the needed powerups
* Fixed water rendering in RWY so it won't be missing a tile sometimes
* Fixed crash at the end of the loading screen caused by monitors that don't support 60hz
* Updated the Linux readme to explain all the needed files


Windows Installer v1.0.2 57 MB
Apr 12, 2019
Linux Zip File v1.0.2 57 MB
Apr 12, 2019

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