Patch notes for Jul 5, 2022

This release fixes a couple of minor bugs discovered since the Sci-Fi Pack and Candy Quest release:

  • Fix Glob being unable to jump while riding Hovercrates
  • Fix multiple Yerfdogs inhaling guys simultaneously deleting some of them
  • Fix the bottom crate in “Frankly, I’m Shocked” not reaching its intended destination

Additionally, these bugs were fixed in a series of small releases on the 1st and 2nd of June:

  • Fix crash when running within the Steam Linux runtime (unnoticed in dev environment)
  • Fix crash when playing a Quest level for the first time ever
  • Upload Candy Quest star count whenever it changes, not just when username changes
  • Fix menu flickering when clicking To Adventure!
  • Disable Share button on successful import
  • Update “Kid’s Bag of Tricks” so you can’t kill the mummy by accident before he hits the button
  • Fix visuals when capturing Glob with Yerfdog or Witch
  • Fix Glob being unable to stand on Hovercrates, and being crushed upon touching their sides
  • Fix sharing maps while the multiverse is active causing the wrong universe to be loaded first
  • Use “Time ≤” and “Score ≥” to accurately reflect the thresholds

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Version 54.60 Jul 06, 2022 34 MB
Version 54.60 Jul 06, 2022

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