Editor Update, Winter Challenge, and patch notes for Dec 22, 2021

So much big Hallow news today. First of all, we’ve released the Editor Update. This is a major overhaul of how the editor works to improve it all around. New features and changes include:

Screenshot of the Editor Update’s copy/paste tool being used

  • Copy/Paste tool (pictured)! Select regions and paste them elsewhere.
  • Flood Fill tool (you can see the button in the picture)! The usual, you know how it works.
  • All the menus have changed to cuddly icons (pictured too! What a handy picture).
  • Sound effects, fun!
  • Background music (change it by placing any costume to hear that costume’s music).
  • Sound and music toggle buttons so you don’t have to hear that stuff I just said!
  • Hold SHIFT to draw a line from your last click. Something I instinctively tried to do all the time, now actually works.
  • CTRL-Z to undo! SO handy!
  • Smoother/easier gamepad controls. I don’t think anybody is doing any editing on their gamepad, but it’s better now than it was.
  • The Grab tool (“G” key) is now smarter - if you grab a spot that only has an Overlay tile, it will switch you to that layer, or vice versa. Much easier to use.
  • A “Friends” tab, which just contains Kid, all the costumes, and Baby Penguin and Princess. Easier to find.
  • A “Recent” tab, which contains the last 25 tiles you used. Just handy for not digging through the menus to find what you were using over and over.
  • And lastly, the cursor now shows you the tool you’re using, in case you forgot!

This update is just for the builders and it should make editing much more user friendly and fun! So what update do we have for the players??

Winter Challenge title screen

The Winter Challenge! I think the picture pretty much explains it. On December 22nd, a whole bunch of new winter-themed levels are going to appear in Kid Hallow, all at once. You’ll find them under the “Winter Challenge” button in the menu. Play them, do well, and you will win a Winter Medal!

SpaceManiac has the crown… at least for the first 5 minutes of the event

The top 3 total scores on that set of levels will earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Winter Medal by their name, which will stay by their name until next year’s Winter Challenge! Rub it in their noses all year! You have until January 10th to crush the competition. Good luck and happy holidays.

Patch notes for Dec 22, 2021:

  • Add the Editor Update and the Winter Challenge event
  • Tweak distance of Wolfman pounce slightly down again, so it’s still easier to cross 2-tile gaps but you won’t hit your head
  • When there are two Yerfdogs, the second one no longer instantly spits out any inhaled objects
  • Spiffy up the forest background ever-so-slightly
  • Fix crates sometimes falling through platforms when being spat out by Yerfdog
  • Fix bug where portcullises cannot be placed in the editor
  • Fix possibility for Frank to push a crate a second time before it finishes being pushed once
  • Fix camera calculations so guys don’t sometimes float off the ground by 1 pixel
  • Fix candy cane poltergeists causing the level exit to never unlock
  • Fix a theoretical issue where possessed guys could have sometimes skipped tiles due to their double speed
  • Fix Kids emitted by Yerfdog or Witch creating a start marker when they shouldn’t


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Version 53 Dec 22, 2021
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Version 53 Dec 22, 2021

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