Patch notes for Nov 23, 2021

The Sci-Fi pack is still in development, but in the mean time please enjoy fixes to a few bugs:

  • Witch can now transform a tile she is stuck inside, to help avoid soft locks
  • Slightly increase distance of Wolfman pounce to make crossing 2-tile gaps easier
  • Tweak bats to turn around if they would otherwise be held in place by wind
  • Add superheart, jawbreaker color, and 2x indicators on the right side of the HUD
  • Allow scarecrows, gems, and candy corn to be flipped by the monster flipper
  • Increase max number of sounds playing at once from 8 to 32
  • Reduce volume of Gorka boulder noise
  • Fix possibility to “miss” a level exit if you hit spikes on the same frame
  • Fix secret passage over bricks looking the same as bricks in the editor
  • Fix mouse cursor not being hidden during keyboard gameplay
  • Fix Poltergeists losing their tile when captured by Yerfdog or Witch
  • Fix spiders jiggling rapidly when colliding with a wall to their left/right
  • Fix exits being stuck closed on maps filled to the limit with candy corn
  • Fix bug where bats could sometimes go up through a trap door
  • Hopefully fix bug where 1-pixel gaps could appear in the tile map on zoomed-in levels

Also, since these weren’t posted publicly yet, here’s the past patch notes so far:

Patch notes for Nov 7, 2021

  • Uncap framerate of menus and editor
  • Improve Yerfdog’s manueverability on ice to match other characters
  • Tweak editor gamepad shortcuts: LB/RB cycle tiles, LT/RT cycle tabs
  • Invisible triggers are now easier to see in the editor
  • Fix trap door animations
  • Fix color blocks fading into existence too slowly in some situations
  • Fix Wolf and Ranger getting an extra double-jump when walking off a ledge
  • Allow Wolf and Ranger to double-jump even when already travelling upwards
  • Fix H.S.Ninja sliding while stuck to the ceiling if he jumped off of ice
  • Fix princesses and baby penguins not returning rock candy to homes and exits

Patch notes for Nov 3, 2021

  • Add “Copy Link” button to level details
  • Using “Recommendations” or “My Levels” no longer resets your custom search
  • Reduce the volume of the water splash sound
  • Set a generous maximum speed limit to help keep physics stable
  • Make the Penguin’s dash deal damage immediately, rather than after a wind-up distance
  • Slightly improve the display of level rankings and award pop-ups
  • Fix crates not crushing bats, grues, &c. in situations when they should
  • Fix flipped Gorkas not having alternate timing when they should
  • Fix Crows not bouncing early when their rider hits the ceiling
  • Fix a possible cause of “Download Problem”
  • Fix lava blocks only dealing damage on alternate frames
  • Fix mouse wheel allowing access to locked tiles
  • Fix floating upside-down crates causing homicidal plants to drift upward
  • Fix a possible method for winning a level without rescuing all Princesses
  • Fix a Poltergeist-possessed Kid counting for the “level has a Kid?” check when it shouldn’t

Patch notes for Nov 1, 2021

  • You can no longer jump when bouncing on shrooms (which could result in either a higher or lower bounce)
  • Gargoyles/Crows/etc. should now work again
  • Platforms now stop your sliding after ice
  • Icicles now act more like reverse crates (fixes continuous splashing)
  • Fix Wolfman pounce and dive animations having a janky final frame
  • Fix Esc on level details so it goes back to results instead of quitting

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Version 51.50 Nov 24, 2021

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