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In case if anyone's having issues with the sound, there's a file called "setintr" that you have to run first. I had to set it to 7 by typing "setintr 7" before running the game and it worked.

So, is Dr. Lunatic actually a sequel to this game?
Because it says "Spispopd II: Dr. Lunatic" at the top.


Ok, I found out that it IS a sequel.
It's crazy because I played Dr. Lunatic a lot when I was a kid (and I still play it sometimes) and I never knew that it was actually a sequel to an older game.
Btw, this game needs a remaster treatment. 

Agreed. The source code for Dr Lunatic is available, so it could happen technically.

Oh wow! This is a surprise! I highly recommend this game, it's really fun.

Also, the sound effects work for me last time I checked. Maybe it depends on your OS.