A downloadable game for Windows

It's the original SPISPOPD, released December 10, 1993, which might ring a bell for some people... 

This is not a great game, I will admit. It is however, a piece of internet history, included here for your edification.  Good luck with it! 

NOTE: THIS GAME *REQUIRES* DOSBOX TO RUN, AND EVEN THEN IT MAY NOT WORK (also it is tricky to figure out how to install and run it, and I offer no assistance, so good luck!)

Published Mar 29, 2018
Release date Dec 10, 1993
TagsAction-Adventure, hammers, pumpkins, smashing
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

This game is in ZIP file form. You will need to unzip the files (SMASH247 is the normal game, SPISEDIT is the editable version, they are two separate games). Inside the zip file are two other zip files - unzip SPIS.ZIP into a folder, and then unzip VOC.ZIP into a folder named "VOC" inside that other folder.

It is very likely that you WILL NOT be able to hear the sound effects. I don't know how to make them work (too bad, they're the best part!). The good news is, you probably will be able to hear the music, and there is NO CHANCE that you will ever unhear the music. It will haunt your dreams.  Good luck! I offer no support for this game whatsoever.


SMASH247.ZIP 970 kB
Spis.faq 48 kB

Development log


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Oh wow! This is a surprise! I highly recommend this game, it's really fun.

Also, the sound effects work for me last time I checked. Maybe it depends on your OS.