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After vanquishing the Evilizer in Halloween Hill, Loony found himself traveling north in search of the Happy Stick Witch, following an ever-diminishing trail of clues.  Eventually, he became lost in a blizzard and collapsed, only to wake up in the care of a friendly villager in Winter Woods.  Now his quest takes him up high cliffs and even down into the depths of the earth, all in search of the mysterious truth behind Happy Stick.  Unfortunately, Winter Woods seems to have its own huge set of problems to distract him along the way...

* Special bonus!  Loonyland 2 now includes the complete Collector's Edition contents, which means a over 2 hours of developer's commentary, level editor, bonus adventure, an art gallery with Gallery Goals to complete, and more surprises.

* Action/RPG gameplay - gain levels, learn 50 Skills and 30 Talents, and decide how to develop your character

* Randomly generated items with dozens of possible powers - millions of possible combinations!

* Craft your own items, mix your own potions, and even build your own killer robots!

* 50 Quests to guide you deeper into the mystery

* 2 different sides to join, with unique quests and allies.

* 100 hidden Achievements - complete them to unlock Game Modifiers

* Modifiers let you tweak the rules of the game, playing it how you want, or adding fun new features

Release date Feb 12, 2007
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, bodzhas, Magic
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Collector's Edition Install 78 MB
Patch to v1.2 200 kB
Replacement commentary by Blackduck 54 MB
Add-on World: Challenge 293 kB
Add-on World: Epic Adventure 185 kB
Add-on World: Knittel's Adventure 149 kB
Add-on World: Summer Woods 182 kB
Add-on World: Winter Wackiness 6 by Redbone 136 kB
Add-on World: Winter Wackiness 8 by Qwertybub 137 kB

Install instructions

Be aware that this is a very old game, and it may experience weird color issues on modern versions of Windows. You can add the word WINDOW to the end of the command line in order to run in a window, which may solve these problems for you.

Development log


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Really hope there'll be a Steam version for this, too!

Is this available for phone too?

yo, is there any way to unlock the modifiers without actually getting the achievements? they seem fun, and all the achievements are grindy trash.

Short of modifying game code, not that I know of! Here are some tips for completing Achievements.

Firstly, these don't have to be completed in the main campaign. You can make a test world in the editor if you need another way to obtain them.

For Skill Achievements, you'll want to level up the skill to 10, use skill-boosting magic items, drink high-level Sparkling Water (https://hamumu.fandom.com/wiki/Sparkling_Water), and use certain Lenscrafting combos (https://hamumu.fandom.com/wiki/Lenscrafting).

For talents and monster-bashing, you'll have to do a lot of grinding. The Arena is your friend! Note that talents carry over to Madcap Mode (except Gladiator)! https://hamumu.fandom.com/wiki/LL2_Achievements 

is replacement commentary any good?


There is something wrong. I can't seem to download anything except for the Collectors Edition Install. Everything else brings up the window that says thanks for installing, but no download is initiated.


Never mind, It seems to work now that I am logged into itch.io.

awesome, i can't wait to use addons if my gaem data is not corrupted or reseted


Wow. Props for including all the addons.