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Dude, just get Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese instead. They're both free, and that game is a million times bigger and better, and includes this entire game in it. If you're looking at the screenshots and thinking this looks more exciting, stop thinking that - all the stuff you see is also in Supreme With Cheese. Just go. Come on, seriously. Stop reading this.

Release date May 24, 2000
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsLevel Editor, pumpkins, Top Down Adventure
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


lunatic_install.exe 49 MB

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Seriously man, Supreme is better in every way. This is just being included for completeness.

Development log


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I confirm: The Museum level in Field Trip world is bugged. Buddy Bunnies are going off path when they are supposed to leave anthropology room, ending up stuck against the wall. I don't think it can be fixed, just letting everybody else know that you can't 100% finish that world.

there's probably never going to be an official patch, game is too old, BUT some clever person found a workaround, should work for Dr. Lunatic as well as Supreme with Cheese:
I followed that, and it does work for me, so you should be able to 100% it!

Not all heroes wear capes.
That worked for me and I've just got 100% on the Field Trip world! Many thanks to you and person posting the guide, incredible help.

Dr. Lunatic Source Code This is the source code that was officially posted for game owners on the previous version of the Hamumu website.

also posting here was a mistake i meant for dr.lunatic supreme with cheese

i did eevrything right

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this game has a bug with saving, it resets all saves , hopefully someone can fix soon

Did you install the game into a folder that your Windows profile won't let you alter? Do you remember to manually save using "Save Game" on the pause menu? Do you go to the world select screen by using "Select World" on the pause menu or do you get there by using "New Game" on the title screen?

yes i remember all those things

Hey there is a bug in field trip the museum.. the bunnies are not leaving the anthropology room. how do i fix this?

Where can I get the add ons for this game?

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This MediaFire folder has all the add-ons in 3 zip files Dr Lunatic Add-Ons. Each zip file contains installers for add-ons. There is probably a limit of 64 custom worlds. I don't know if this includes the 5 main worlds. The contents of all three zip files are compatible with this version of Dr. Lunatic. The reason for the different zip files is that before the most recent update to the game there were 2 expansion packs for it. There was first the Expando-Pak then there was the Fun Pack. Because this version of Dr. Lunatic comes with both packs the separation of these world installers into 3 zip files is purely for historical purposes.

Thanks ☺