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This is another 48-hour contest entry. The theme this time was 'Swarms', which will be apparent in the game. 

Nantucko Entertainment made a mistake.  No, it wasn't naming their new game console "The Wee."  It was offering 2 free Wee controllers with every preorder.  Only shipping 4 consoles on launch day might be a close second, though.  Now with your controllers wired together into a deadly controller-chaku, YOU are the Wee Ninja.  Go collect your preorder.

Let none oppose your wee might!!

* 6 Levels of shopping mayhem
* 7 Mad Skillz to unlock and boost your power to truly Wee levels
* Massive crowd-smashing insanity!!
* Utterly absurd sound effects
* Includes complete source code if you'd like to learn how it was made

Release date Apr 30, 2006
GenreAction, Fighting
Tagscombos, Ninja, wee
Average sessionA few minutes


weeninja_install.exe 2 MB

Development log

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