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Years and years before there was Supreme With Cheese, Bouapha battled a horrible green monster in an exceedingly spooky castle.  Relive that classic adventure today with this freebie game!  It's like living a history book, except that it's fictional and incredibly unrealistic and silly!

* 20 levels of monster-bashing mayhem, including several new to this version.

* Incredibly challenging gameplay - this is for the hardcore Dr. L fans!

* It's free, just download it, okay?

Release date May 24, 2004
TagsAction-Adventure, brains, hammers, pumpkins, Top Down Adventure
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Be aware that this is a very old game, and it may experience weird color issues on modern versions of Windows. You can add the word WINDOW to the end of the command line in order to run in a window, which may solve these problems for you.


spookycastle_install.EXE 5 MB
spooky_castle_faq.doc 30 kB

Development log


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I loved playing this game as a kid :D


In case you're wondering why you should get this, this world isn't found in Supreme or the original Dr. L, iirc.

give me another reason?also dr.lunatic games are not better then loonyland games