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This was an entry in a different kind of contest!  We had more than 48 hours (a few months, even), which makes the small size of this game something of a mystery.  But we were required to make a game that you can play by pushing only a single button.  So here it is!  Good luck with level 3, I've never passed it myself!

* 3 whole levels.  One easy, one hard, one impossible.

* ONE button gameplay!  Be amazed at the huge number of moves you have via that one button!

* Highly adjustable game speed

* Rockin' soundtrack

Release date May 11, 2005
TagsNinja, one-button
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


ninja_academy_install.exe 2 MB

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My record for Final Training is 2:59

Maybe I'm the only person in the world who played this but I still want the world to know

Hey, I've played it! Couldn't tell you my record but I'm sure it's longer than yours.

This would have been a great game for a phone or something; don't need a keyboard. Probably you thought of that already