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Really hope there'll be a Steam version for this, too!

Is this available for phone too?

yo, is there any way to unlock the modifiers without actually getting the achievements? they seem fun, and all the achievements are grindy trash.

Short of modifying game code, not that I know of! Here are some tips for completing Achievements.

Firstly, these don't have to be completed in the main campaign. You can make a test world in the editor if you need another way to obtain them.

For Skill Achievements, you'll want to level up the skill to 10, use skill-boosting magic items, drink high-level Sparkling Water (, and use certain Lenscrafting combos (

For talents and monster-bashing, you'll have to do a lot of grinding. The Arena is your friend! Note that talents carry over to Madcap Mode (except Gladiator)! 

is replacement commentary any good?


There is something wrong. I can't seem to download anything except for the Collectors Edition Install. Everything else brings up the window that says thanks for installing, but no download is initiated.


Never mind, It seems to work now that I am logged into

awesome, i can't wait to use addons if my gaem data is not corrupted or reseted


Wow. Props for including all the addons.