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A 3-hour contest this time! We got one hour to make the graphics and sound, a half hour to steal graphics and sound from our opponents, then 2 hours to code the game. I only stole a background picture, but that's more than anyone else did! The theme was to make a game like Joust (hey, 2 hours of code doesn't leave a lot of room!). So here is Killer Kiwis. See what kind of high score you can get! Full source code is included (Allegro needed to compile).

* Annoying music

* Bluebirds of Unhappiness

* TWO kinds of enemies!!

* Complete source code, so you can make it better

Release date May 04, 2004
TagsArcade, kiwis
Average sessionA few minutes


kiwi_install.EXE 1 MB

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