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When the evil Bobby Khan descended on the peaceful kingdom of Tulipton and stole all the Mystical Orbs, the king was overwhelmed.  The orbs were needed to protect the kingdom from the marauding monsters (an unfortunate side effect of building your kingdom in the Monster Wilderness).  So with every last knight battling the rampaging hordes, the king could spare only one wizard for a reckless mission to reclaim the lost orbs: Kid Mystic. As Kid Mystic, you'll need to travel across the land in pursuit of Bobby Khan, collecting all the orbs he, for some reason, dropped all over the place.  Along the way, you'll encounter mysterious puzzles, enraged mushrooms, creepy eyeball monsters, and more.  You'll need to fight random battles to build up your experience, shop at the wildly popular Item Shop, collect hidden Spellbooks, and chase down Fairies, all to build up your strength for the final confrontation.  And if you do beat Bobby, things will only get crazier after that with two tougher game modes!

* Fight random battles to earn Experience and Coins, making yourself more powerful.

* Explore 4 huge chapters, each with unique enemies and monstrous boss monsters.

* Collect 19 powerful spells, which get better as you gain experience.

* Chase down 16 hidden Fairies, each of which can grant you a unique gift... with a side of curse.

* If you can collect the hidden pieces of the Armageddon Sword, you can unleash the ultimate spell.

* Unlock Challenge Mode for an entirely new type of game - enter each level to complete special Challenges.

Release date Oct 02, 2004
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Magic, mushrooms, Top Down Adventure
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Be aware that this is a very old game, and it may experience weird color issues on modern versions of Windows. You can add the word WINDOW to the end of the command line in order to run in a window, which may solve these problems for you.


mystic_install.exe 23 MB

Development log


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Even to this day this is in my top three computer games of all time! Thank you for creating this!

What about this one?? So many good memories... (I still have the EGAMES version, if anyone interested.)


Hey, I see your post was made 80 days ago. I wonder if you're still around because I do have interests in the old version of Spooky Castle: Kid Mystic. I used to have the original eGames CD a long time ago, but I don't have it anymore. I wish I could get my hands on the that version. Do you still have that one? And if so, is there a way for me to get it? =)

Deleted 330 days ago

Hey Flawi, sure there is a way for me to share the game with you ! This is the download link for the RAR file:


(Be advised that probably you'll need to set the compatibiility to WINDOWS 98 on the exe for it to run... ALSO, if the game colors are glitched you need to close your EXPLORER.EXE process before starting the game... If you have any doubts you can contact me by email: felipe.vecchio@hotmail.com)

Enjoy!  :)

İ Love You Hamumu :) 

Love the visuals dude! Can't wait to play this later :)

Here is the Mac Version of Kid Mystic. It works on 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. It probably also works on 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger. Do not try running it on 10.7 Lion or later.

Here is the Kid Mystic Cheat Edition. The pinned messages on the Kid Mystic section of the Loonychat Discord Server have information on how to use it.

I originally posted this in the Spooky Castle comments but it's more appropriate to share here I made an account on here just to Thank You for making Spooky Castle: The Adventures Of Kid Mystic. My brothers and I played that game all the time probably over 15 years ago now on our Dad's Windows ME computer with the eGames/FoxKids Disk. It brings back memories and I'm quite surprised to see that you are still making games after all this time. Did the game ever have a Big Box release? If so then I'll be on the lookout as I'd love to get my hands on one, especially for a future Review I'm planning (I'll be sure to mention this website too). Either way, Thanks for doing what you do and not only cheering up my families life but many others as well with your games.

Yes, the best Fantasy Role Playing Game On The PC did come out in its own big box! I have one on my shelf. It's from back when game boxes were BIG, maybe 8"x11" or something, and an inch thick. With cool embossed shiny art on the front.  Good luck finding one.

Thank You for a response. Can you share a picture or video of what it looks like front and back? Maybe the contents within too if that's not too much to ask  but I was also wondering what is the order of these games? Which one came first and what are the stories behind them? Are they sequels? Do the other games have Big Boxes too?

Hamumu it's a great thing that I can hunt down a game from my childhood, and find it online with the developer still around. I was obsessed with this game when I was younger, even though I was terrible at it.  Any chance you have a picture of the CD? The cover art on the cd really sticks in my memory for some reason. Thanks for the great times!

Hey Hamumu I have also loved your games growing up when I was very young.  I was wondering if you would ever make a remake to these games? Also what is the order of your series? 

It's not likely, I like to do new things (I did remake Robot Wants It All though). Sequels maybe.   There's not a lot of order to anything, other than the numbered serieses where you can guess the order! They do have release dates listed though if you want to see them in the order they came out (doesn't seem like itch.io allows you to sort by that though).

One of my favorite Hamumu games. I have so many fond memories of this one!