Supreme With Cheese is now free!

Hey folks. Here is Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, the first of the old Hamumu games I'm releasing for free here on  Grab it and enjoy - as the description notes, it might be the only game you ever need!

Note that the online high score system doesn't function anymore, but other than that, it should work great. Have fun!


supreme8_install.exe 79 MB
Dec 13, 2017

Get Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese


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This is the game of my childhood, now looking back at it with my slightly smarter brain i realize why i loved it so much, you're awesome!

I'm still blown away by the sheer volume and variety of content you put in this game, especially given the dev tools of the time.

It is addicting and oddly stimulating. Thanks for making it free. kek